About DRS Research

We are a London-based company specialising in academic research for students. We are a respected UK company in which you can place your trust and confidence in.

DRS Research was established in 2006 and soon become the UK’s leading organisation for student research services – academic researchacademic consulting and primary data collection.

Our mission statement

We are a rapidly growing company aiming at ethically assist students in their academic studies. Our mission is to advise and to promote academic and professional excellence, together with sustainable personal development.

By delivering our services, we aim to boost the learning and understanding of our clients towards successful academic achievements. As a research based company, we also aim to provide genuine assistance for each student’s academic success and prevent potential academic dishonesty.

Our vision statement

Our vision is three-fold: to assist our student customers, train our researchers, and look after our employees:

  • Help students to improve their learning skills and boost their knowledge so that they can excel academically.
  • Provide continuous training to our researchers, offer them interesting and challenging work to broaden their knowledge base and help them to achieve their career success.
  • Offer our employees challenges, rewards for excellent performance and a happy and healthy working environment.

Assurances to our customers

As a customer of DRS Research, you can be assured of the most reliable service, the highest quality of research, the most honest custom writing and the most responsive support. Our business ethos comprises efficiency, effectiveness, reliability, sustainability, quality and value to all our customers. We strive to serve our customers with a standard of research and written work that no other companies in the industry can attain to.