Focus group is an important research method, here we list the advantages and disadvantages of such research method. Students should learn to understand their own conditions to choose the best research method for their study.


Focus group brings interaction between participants highlights their view of the world. In particular, the values and beliefs about a situation. It helps to explains why people feel the way they do and offers several perspectives about same topic. Focus group also gives insights into people’s shared understandings of everyday life, so that the researcher can find out why an issue is important, as well as what is important about it.


There are also disadvantages of focus group. The findings cannot be projected and the results dependent upon interaction. Also the recruitment of participants can be time consuming. Choosing an moderator is also crucial, poor moderating can lead to inaccurate conclusions. Discuss can also be be intimidating for inarticulate or shy members. It is also hard to control over the data produced so that researchers may find it difficult to clearly identify an individual message. Focus group is also not not fully confidential nor anonymous.