Introduction: Clear introduction indicating scope of essay and reflecting case study questions. It should indicate how the essay is organised. There is no need to write at length about the merger in the introduction.

Main Content/Body: Should deal with each case study question separately. Please note the marks allocated to each question and ensure that content matches the marks allocated. In answering each question the following need to be considered:
• Application of relevant theory and principles
• Answer should be logical and well structured
• Where possible evidence of additional research (e.g. journals, books, newspapers, online resources)
• Clear summary of the answers

Conclusion: Summarise and reflect on the essay (introduction and body) and suggest some recommendations. (Good recommendations will attract bonus marks).

Referencing: List all references at the end of the essay

• Bonus marks will be given to students with good presentation, structure and referencing. (Please check spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Source: Middlesex University Business School