DRS Research provides the assistance and support needed when any client needs to come up with a comprehensive and creative essay that is sure to impress. Be it an academic or non-academic focus, DRS Research can surely provide you with the best research and writing team for any topic. Our support services include:

Thesis Statements and Topic Discussion

The foundation of any convincing, well-written essay begins with a thought-provoking thesis statement or question. Our writing and research teams here at DRS Research will help you to come up with these kinds of ideas and build on it by providing you with relevant leads, innovative approaches, critical discussions and relevant references. Our writers will also aid in putting the most ideal perspective for any essay, while keeping it comprehensive and interesting for any reader.


The bibliography and reference section of any essay is a simple but very important feature in any essay. It assures your work of credibility and keeps the essay free from possible plagiarism. DRS Research writers and researches have ample experience in using any citation formats, from Harvard to APA. We can also provide credible, peer-reviewed and up-to-date sources for you to reference.

Editing and Revision

After every writing project, your assigned DRS Research writer will still be available for any follow-up service our article may need. Our dedicated editors will nitpick through any grammatical mistakes, factual errors or contradictions the essay may contain to ensure a flawless, quality article. Revisions can also be done if needed. Click here to find out more about marking and proofreading services.