Structure of proposal: the following template may help:

a. Introduction State the research question/hypothesis and discuss its justification, importance and topicality.
b. Review of Literature/Research Identify main themes and research approaches relevant to your research question/hypothesis, and how your research will add to existing knowledge.
c. Design and Methodology Describe and justify the design of the study and the research and analysis techniques you intend to adopt. You must comment on any ethical issues.
d. Conclusion A quick review of methods, together with a proposed timetable for the execution of the study.

The written proposal should, as far as possible:

• Provide a rationale for the study and identify the aims/purpose of the research
• Identify a clear research question/hypothesis
• Develop a research design plan to engage with the question/hypothesis
• Devise appropriate research tools to carry out the plan
• Describe the proposed methods for analyzing the data
• Address the strengths and limitations of your proposed approach
• Identify ethical issues and propose appropriate actions
• Critically reflect on the whole research exercise (particularly on the choice of research methods and tools)