A great marketing presentation should critically analyse and evaluate the current situation of the related organisation in dealing with any issue or problems relating to the future marketing direction of the organisation. You can apply techniques for a good marketing presentation to any organisation allocated to your study.

You should use appropriate models, as well as an incorporation of relevant strategic marketing theory and frameworks. You should clearly provide evidence of research. It is important to be concise about the information you submit and provide clear conclusions.

Your presentation should include the following key elements:

  • An internal audit including a discussion of assets and competencies; key strengths and weaknesses and critical success factors
  • External market analysis, including customer analysis, clearly identifying potential segments and highlighting any consumer motivations and relevant trends
  • External market analysis – You should clearly identify key opportunities and threats, relating to your product and target market(s)
  • Competitor analysis – You should assess the relevant strategic group of competitors and clearly compare relevant assets and competencies
  • You should use TOWS to summarise the marketing issue(s) or problem(s) faced by your organisation
  • Finally you should formulate future aims and objectives for your future strategic marketing direction