What are “frameworks”?
Analytical frameworks (or theoretical models or concepts or tools of analysis), such as PND, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, PLC, four Ps, etc. help us to make sense of and analyse the information we gather (e.g. about a market or industry) in a clear, systematic way. They enable us to break down the information into recognisable categories, which we can analyse. Having done that, we can look holistically at the full set of information and get a clearer overall picture.

What is meant by “strategists”?
Strategists are those people in an organisation who are involved in developing the organisation’s strategies. Obviously the CEO and executive directors are strategists but they might also involve non-executive directors (experienced strategists from elsewhere to ensure effectiveness and good corporate governance), consultants and middle managers in the strategising process. For the purposes of the SM0269 assignment, we are referring to the organisation’s strategic decision makers.

How many other frameworks should I use?
The choice and the number of frameworks and theoretical concepts is your individual decision. Any frameworks that would make your analytical report more robust and rigorous should be used in conjunction with the PND model.

What writing style should I use?
Remember, you are writing a report: use headings for each section and subsection. Use an academic, formal writing style in third person. It is essential that you reference all the sources of information in your report using the Harvard method.

What shall I do if I can’t keep within the word limit?
Put any additional information that reinforces and supplements your analysis in an appendix, draw the reader’s attention to it in the appropriate place in the main body of your report and concentrate on only the most important findings from that analysis in the main body of your report. This is a “balancing act”, which you need to master and will also be needed when you do your final year assignments and your dissertation.

Source: Northumbria University