Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the answer to all your questions in the FAQs section below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please call us now on 020 8816 8899 or fill out contact us form. We’d be glad to help!

You can place an order with us by simply filling in the quote form or order form on our order page. We will then evaluate your specifications to determine whether a research service is appropriate for you. If you order sample essays, it’s even easier. By just filling order form, you will be allocated a researcher as soon as we received your order confirmation. The whole process usually takes less than one working day, but we endeavour to be quicker for urgent orders.
For academic research and data collection services, we act as an agent to work on your behalf. This is 100% ethical to all universities, your supervisors will actually recommend students for additional research assistance. If you order custom essays from us, you must use our work for honest research purposes only – it cannot be handed in as your own – all rights reserved by us. This is considered as academically unethical. If you are not sure about anything, you should consult your university guidelines on how to use copyrighted work for your study. For further information on how to use our custom essays, please view our fair use policy.
You can specify any requirement for research and data collection service. The best way is to fill in our quote form. We usually evaluate the work load and give you an estimated price. For custom essays, you can specify most details, such as structure, the referencing style, word count, writing standard etc. You may wish to see our essays order form for more details.
We aim to give you the most competitive price in the industry. To find our the price for essays, please use our essay price calculator. If you are ready, you can place an order from there. Please note that this is a rough price estimate, and your actual price might be different, depending on deadline, writing standard and your level of study etc. For academic research and data collection, you can get an estimated price by filling in our quote form.
We accept all major credit and debit cards and you can also pay by Paypal or a bank transfer click here to find out more about Payment Methods.
We are a genuine research company providing academic research services to clients. Although we cover custom essay writing, we are not an essay mill.
Absolutely not! There are many university lecturers and professors who advise students to use our services to assist their research work.
Our service is 100% confidential. We never disclose any details about our client to any third party. We take confidentiality very seriously for all clients Your information remains totally private.
Yes, our research services and writing services are 100% legal.
The order process is very easy. You submit an enquiry form to us and we will reply to you with a quote. If you order research services, we will usually contact you about what we need in order to get started. For custom essays writing, it is straight forward – If you accept our terms, we will take the payment and start to work.
We don’t have a fixed price for all services, because we want to help you to save money by understanding your needs and suggesting the best price we can do. However, there is still a price calculator for all custom essays writing work.[
Like all orders for services, payment must be taken before the order is begun. However, we accept installments for large projects and dissertations. Please contact us for details.
Yes, contact with our researcher is essential especially with large papers such as equity research and dissertations. You can send an email to [email protected] and any question will be directly answered by your allocated research expert.
We will send you completed work via your registered email with us.
If you feel the work did not meet your initial instructions, you can email us within 7 days  from the completion of the assignment with your amendments request. We will do all needful amendments free of charge. However, you should fully read the entire work and list the points you feel weren’t covered, and send the amendments by filling in an amendment request form online. We do not accept email communications or resending of initial instructions.
We usually negotiate a date to send you work which can be anything from the morning until midnight.