Essay Writing general points


The style of referencing has been emphasised as an important feature of the essay. In addition, there are other stylistic features which should be followed and these will usually be written down in the list of instructions which you are handed out when an essay topic has been issued. In general, do not use the first person in writing unless it is a precise requirement. In other words you should not use such phrases as ‘I think’ or ‘in this essay I am going to write about’. It is preferable to let your essay portray a personal feel about it but, at the same time, the information should be projected being presented in an objective impersonal way. Having a look at the writing of professionals will assist in learning some stylistic tips but this does not mean you have to copy down word for word as this could amount to plagiarism which is subject to penalties if discovered by the marker. The majority of essays has to be to be typed and double-spaced using size 12 fonts in ‘Times New Roman’ but it is useful to check on this as writing guidelines may differ. In academic essays informal English is not appropriate and should be avoided so Standard English should be used throughout the easy. Using bulleted points is not standard practice in essay writing either unless the type of essays relies on this way of laying out information. It is seen as a way of shortcutting the layout of information without back up with suitable explanation.

Last Essay Check

Once your essay has been finished, it is necessary to thoroughly read it to ensure no mistakes are present. As previously noted, asking a suitable person who does not know much about your work to proof-read it for typing errors and any other noticeable ambiguities or errors will go along way to ensure the work is presentable and ready for submission. If errors are not corrected then points will be lost in the marking process.

Make sure that all quotations have correct referencing and that a comprehensive bibliographywritten in accordance with the appropriate style has been included. Strange may it seem, your bibliography has a very important status, as it shows the marker the sources you have used in your research and extensive reading and it also shows that you see the importance of recognising the importance of sources. A bibliography is so important that time should be allocated to ensure that it backs up the actual research that you allude to in your essay. The task becomes less onerous if you list all the books, publications and internet sites as you find and use them otherwise time can be wasted searching for the exact title of a book or address of an internet site at the last minute

And lastly…

It is important to be reminded that your essay is a written reply to a specific theme. The content of course will vary depending on the subject matter of the course. However, the content does not detract from the importance of producing a well planned, clearly presented, logical and appropriately referenced piece of writing. It is of significant importance that you adhere to any specific instructions laid out for the essay including stylistic features and the number of words required.

Addressing the question and providing a full answer is most important but attracting the reader’s attention and providing a high interest level in the essay is a good combination along with evidence from accurate research. High interest gained by the reader in your essay will go along way to leave a mark on the reader and is more likely to attract higher marks.

Skills have to be acquired before an outstanding, eye catching essay can be produced. It takes time but with effort the goal can be attained.

Learn by reading…

Often reading as many examples of essays as is possible will offer the clues to writing a good essay.

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