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If it is necessary to select an essay style for your subject or you have issued a specific type of essay but you are unsure how to start it, the information below will be of some assistance to you:

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Types of Essay

Five Paragraph Essay – A 5 paragraph essay is the easiest and most common type of essay. The essential make up includes an introduction, three paragraphs which make up the main body of the essay and a conclusion summarising the main idea of the essay.

Admission Essay – This sort of essay is utilised to appraise the aptitude of an applicant. The same simple foundation will be utilised if the individual is applying for a position within a company or a vacancy on a college course.

Argumentative Essay – An argumentative essay outlines a powerful account which may be novel or potentially challenging and uses the typical essay layout to enlarge on and promote the statement with data which tries to influence the reader that the opening testimonial is right, whilst putting forward other arguments that are secondary.

Cause and Effect Essay – A cause and effect essay outlines why something takes place and the conclusion of this. This appears very precise but it requires clear thought processes and the skill to express that in easy to understand language, grammar and appearance.

Categorisation  Essay – The aim of a categorisation essay is to arrange things into categories. This is executed by placing useful categories in position by following a single basic standard and searching for examples that are suitable for each category.

Comparison Essay – The comparative essay is frequently used in essay writing across subject areas. It asks the writer to study the similarities and differences between two or more topics which might have some relation to each other. For example, a literary essay may ask you to weigh up how two distinctive writers approach the same idea by drawing on the same genre.

Critical Essay – An analytical essay will, as a rule, be used to review the qualities and point to features of relevance in a sample of writing. This will not always be a negative evaluation, even though we may usually consider that being critical entails this.

Deductive Essay – Usually the deductive essay is formed on the principle that given a specific group of facts, by using deductive interpretation an assumption can be formed culminating in a conclusion. The 3 steps of a deductive essay would be: the thesis, the proof and the conclusion.

Definition Essay – A definition essay consists mainly of stating the meaning of something. There are a few ways of defining and different topics may give way to different techniques but the author should make a decision fairly early on which method to embrace.

Descriptive Essay – The descriptive essay is one which needs most creative writing talent as it is founded on the talent of the author to paint a picture of the theme in words, calling to mind emotional feedback and replies. A lot of the writing will be adjective based along with the use of affective adverbs.

Evaluative Essay – The evaluative essay sets out to assess an issue in relation to fixed criteria. For an assessment to be identified as convincing, both the field to be assessed and the standard to be used to make the assessment must be put forward in a clear manner.

Exploratory Essay – The exploratory essay is different from almost all other essays as it does not start with a finish in mind. This sort of essay looks at the proof found within it as it develops and you learn as the essay moves along rather than going out to find proof of a judgement you have already stated, as with many essays.

Expository Essay – The expository essay is not necessarily an opinion forming essay, dissimilar from other essays. Rather, you are asked to show, as reasonably and broadly as possible, the opinions of others; as the name implies to describe or expose them. The expository essay often used in journalism to report issues of interest.

Illustration Essay – In an illustration essay, the evidence is mostly provided by adding examples, or ‘illustrations’, to support the argument. In many ways it is quite similar to a narrative essay. Quite simply, in an illustration essay you are asking the reader to picture, using your ‘illustrations’, the argument’s fruitfulness.

Informal Essay – The main purpose of an informal essay is to provide entertainment. It is most likely the first exposure you will have with writing essays (sometimes called ‘compositions’ in the early years of school). Do you remember being told to write about what you got up to on your most recent holiday. If so then that is an example of an informal essay!

Literature Essay – The Literature essay evaluates a writer’s knowledge and ability to reply to a question about known texts or specific texts that will be used to express a precise topic. You might have complete freedom of choice at selecting material and their authors.

Narrative Essay – A narrative essay tells a story, often including a personal experience narrated in story form. The opinion is normally personal and the description is of vital importance in it to contribute to the general feel of the narrative. But narrative essays can also be written for book reports etc.

Personal Essay – The personal essay is often referred to as a personal statement and is quite similar to an admission essay. Its main aim is to inform somebody who has no information about you apart from the facts on an application form.

Persuasive Essay – The persuasive essay uses well reasoned argument to attempt to make the reader agree with the position being put forward in the opening statement. Experts on the subject are quite often quoted to uphold the main argument and give it extra worth.

Research Essay – A research essay has so much in common with the persuasive essay as it depends greatly on the proof the writer has gained through reading and the nature of the ideas that have been added to the final thesis.

Response Essay – A response essay is usually asked to find proof of the reader’s response to the careful reading of a piece of writing which could be a novel, poem or play, and relate it to the author’s background and specific style.

Scholarship Essay – The scholarship essay is quite similar to the personal essay/statement. For it you must add extra information to that you have provided on your application form with extra facts about you as an individual which will aid the assessment/admission procedure.