Classification Essay

The aim of a classification essay is to place things into groups. This is done by placing useful groups in position adopting one principle with examples that support each group.

Before starting to write a classification essay, the order of the material should be stated first. The thesis statement of a classification essay should state the topic, how it is to be categorized and give a brief example of how this will work. This can be a simple statement for example, students entering institutes of higher education to study for a degree can choose from colleges or universities. This makes the reader aware of the topic to be discussed which is studying for a degree at an institute of higher education and the method and type of classification which is colleges and universities.

Categories must be thoroughly researched to avoid leaving out any details, otherwise the evidence and classification would not be complete. For example, the statement used above needs to be kept precise as a way of categorization because there are so many ways to study for a degree other than by attending an actual place of higher education, for example by distance or online learning. Ensure that you stick to the stated organizational format throughout and support each category with almost an equal number of categories as this provides a feeling of balance.

The actual structure of an organizational essay needs not to differ too greatly from the standard essay except that the introduction will include a very specific thesis statement and organizational principle which must be maintained throughout. Subsequent paragraphs will still need to be linked through a series of links but the subject of each paragraph will be determined by the examination of a category rather than developing a process of thought on a topic. Also the conclusion will be different slightly by being less of a summation and more of a directive towards additional categorization via a different organizational principle or a development of the one put across in the current essay.