Comparison Essay

The comparison essay is often used in academic writing. It allows the writer to examine the similarities and dissimilarities between two or more topics which may in fact be related. For example, a Literature essay may necessitate the need to compare the ways two different writers may relate to the same theme by utilising the same genre.

The first stage in writing a comparison essay is to note differences and similarities between the topics. Throughout the process, you should write down the ideas in a logical manner so that a decision can be made on the most important points to focus on. Once this has been achieved then it is necessary to outline each subject with all the most important points and then move on to the next subject. An essay is then composed in the normal way following the basic structure of writing an essay. The best suggestion is to study each subject, one at a time, recording all the most suitable points on a single subject then go on to the next subject.

The conclusion must be a summary of the similarities and differences with relevant suggestions being made. Also including possible future study that could be pursued as this will indicate your level of thinking   as a writer.