A research essay is not too different from persuasive essay as it depends on any proof the writer has gained throughout reading and the ideas that have added to the final proposal or thesis.

The thesis is the vital component of the research essay so the writer should be careful when choosing not only what the theme of the thesis is going to be but how the statement is to be put across.  The thesis statement provides a central focus to the research that has been carried out.

Throughout the research period, it is necessary to take notes of all reading and list the references appropriately to ensure no plagiarising of others’ idea inadvertently takes place. The bibliography takes precedence here in comparison to other essay types. Journal articles that are up to date should be used if possible. The research essay has the structure of an academic essay, with the introduction containing a robust statement of your thesis and the main body taking in the argument and any evidence.  Originality is marked positively in this type of essay.