A response essay is normally used to provide proof of the writer’s reaction to the ordered reading of a piece of writing taken into account the author’s biographical circumstances and personal technique.

The expectations of a response essay is so the reader can find an expression of  personal thoughts that the writer has about a bit of work and  their capability to highlight these in an educated manner. Emphasis should be centred on language aspects such as the use of similes and metaphors if it is a poem that is being discussed and the role of plot and characters if a novel is to be analysed. Noting down significant features and why they stand out or appeal to one’s feelings is important. A certain word or phrase might fit into this category. Relating an historical Shakespearian play to contemporary living could be appropriate as well.

The response essay the structure of other essays with the statement of the key response in the introduction, the main body containing the ideas and evidence and a conclusion bringing together the main points.