Structuring your essay assists you in three fundamental aspects:

1. Plan

The plan adds to your essay by providing a form for assessors to go by as they plough their way through concepts and arguments that they do not know much about. If a plan is omitted then the assessors will not be able to follow the plot with ease. If they are unable to understand why your arguments are of relevance, or they are unable to understand what you are up to and the reasons they will be unable to give out any marks, even if the work appears to be very good.

2. The arguments

It is up to you ensure that all of your arguments are obvious and follow a pattern, and that you have enough evidence to give them some importance. It also eliminates the likelihood of leaving out some particularly crucial part or argument that is of importance to the points highlighted in the essay.

3. The writing

By reviewing your arguments in sufficient detail you will be able to avoid the issue of attempting to undertake to do the two hardest things in writing together: that is nailing down your concepts with clarity, and then putting together words and phrases that will portray them with accuracy.

Planning in an exam

Before you begin to write down the answer in an exam the first five to ten minutes should be spent writing out your plan. If you think you should start writing immediately then don’t as you won’t have collected all your ideas and you won’t have organised them into a clear, readable way with a good structure that strictly answers the question.

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In an essay writing situation it is a very good policy to plan all the answers to the questions first before you actually start the writing process. Every time you plan an essay you are asking your memory to find material to answer questions that you are unable to remember. More often than not there are always points, arguments, examples and evidence that you are unable to recall in sufficient detail. However, by highlighting the obstacle in the planning part you will have stirred your memory and, while you are in the process of writing an answer to another question, it will be busy searching around for the necessary information.