Theoretical grounding and approach to sampling

  • Start with a single paragraph (not too long) introducing the company you intend to research, including aspects of it that are relevant to the following discussion.
  • Review a number of research papers (studies) with the view of relevant methods and decide which are relevant to you research and why.
  • If several methods are relevant do not bother to go through the rest to say why they are not relevant; If you decide none are relevant, say why they are not relevant – careful, this is a hard position to defend!
  • Critically justify your sampling strategy
  • Refer specifically to some of the sources you have read and the positions/arguments by name.
  • Be critical of your own position – a reflexive awareness of the difficulties of any approach/position is more important (in this assignment) than trying to defend any particular position.

Design a questionnaire or structured/unstructured interview questions/answers based on your proposed research direction with necessary justifications.

Ask one of your peers to review your questionnaire or interview questions and once completed write a paragraph what you would have liked to change to improve your questionnaire/interview questions and why.

Source: University of Greenwich