As a student, a Power Point presentation is usually required. You will be required to present to a small panel and to answer questions in relation to your presentation. The overall process will take approximately 15 minutes for most schools or universities. You will be helped to prepare for your presentation during tutorials, or you can ask your friend to help you. So how to do a great presentation? Please take note of the following points:


A great presentation must have a clear focus. As yourself – Does the presentation remain focused on the research question? Does the presentation stay within and fulfil the topic parameters?


All audiences can’t focus too long! Think about the thing you want to tell the most, ask yourself – Is the presentation coordinated in such a way as to demonstrate a clear relationship between the research question, the consultancy project findings and the final recommendations?


Make sure your presentation has a full backup support, ask yourself – Is there clear evidence of a comprehensive understanding of the topic area during both the formal presentation and the question and answer session?

Clarity of structure

Make sure you always have a focus, and explain that throughout the presentation. Ask yourself – Is the presentation well organised and logically constructed (both in terms of the oral delivery and the supporting Power Point slides) to achieve synthesis while being mindful of the needs of the audience?

Mechanical Soundness

Good looking, clean sliders also helps, ask yourself – Are all Power Point slides (and any other written materials, visible to the audience) clearly written, spell checked and grammatically sound and referenced appropriately?