College Admission Essays are part of a category of tests called achievement tests. Most colleges have more applicants that are required and they have large array of candidate to select from. Therefore, a prospective applicant has to take the admission essays as very important as so to gain admission to the institution of his dream. The tips for the prospective students will be under 2 broad headings:


  1. You should read a wide variety of books, since you cannot predict the possible topic for the essay; you should take the time to read as many books as you can lay your hands on. Some essay question can be as diverse as possible. You should expect questions that may be abstract, concrete, funny, controversial, direct or cerebral.
  2. You should handle all stress/distractions with confidence and maturity. You should realize the fact that the other candidates are more likely to be of equal ability as yourself, so, do not feel inferior.
  3. You should erase all memory of past failures from your mind. Probably you have made some failed attempts to secure admission in the past. Remind yourself that this is an entirely new attempt and a new beginning and that you are not going to be a failure. Do not be too complacent either. Make a maximum use of the time in your hands for preparation.
  4. Avoid keeping yourself awake in the night once you have read your books during the day. You should give yourself some night rest. In the alternative, if you prefer reading in the night; try to help yourself to some rest during the day. It is not good for your health and your academic progress to keep awake both night and day.


  1. Treat the day as a normal one and adopt a positive mind with what you have read, believe that you are in for a successful endeavor.
  2. Make yourself comfortable, eat moderately and drink moderately to ensure your convenience.
  3. Once you get the examination papers, read through very well before choosing any question
    [if there are options]. Make sure you understand what the examiners require before starting your response.
  4. Make a realistic time-plan so that you can work within the time-frame of the examiners. For instance, if you are to write 3 essays within a period of 2 hours, make sure that you do not spend more than 35–40minutes on an essay question. This will enable you to have some time for revision.
  5. It is better if you list the points that you know about a particular essay question before you start the actual writing. Make sure you write legibly and in simple and correct diction.
  6. Before you submit, try to read over your work at least twice. You will then be able to cross your ts and dot your is. Now, you might have gained the confidence before the results are released.