There Is No Hope Of Doing Perfect Research. “Griffith, 1998, p97.”Do You Agree?

Research is an integral part of academic pursuit, especially at the advanced levels. While some people assume that research is associated with the fields of science and technology; modern trends in academic pursuits have proved otherwise. There is hardly any academic discipline that can be pursued to an appreciable level of success without research.

The concept of research has been given various meanings in various circles. For instance, the BBC English Dictionary defined research as “work that involves studying something and trying to discover facts about it.” In a similar perspective, the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English defined research as “investigation undertaken in order to discover new facts, get additional information, etc.” There are various types of research. These can be as varied as applied research, basic research, historical research, exploratory research, primary research, secondary research, qualitative research etc. The multi-varied nature of research underlies the fact that research is not limited to a particular field of study. Each type of research suits a particular field of study.

At this juncture, I must declare that I support the assertion that “there is no hope of doing perfect research.” In other words, I agree with the assertion of Griffiths. Despite the apparent inevitability of research, some prevailing circumstances are threatening the attainment of perfect research work.

As varied as the types of research are, there is hardly any hope of achieving perfection in the process of research itself or its outcomes. My personal experience of research is a loud testimony to the fact that research is liable to some degree of imperfection. This situation was aptly.