2.1  operations objectives of BAT

The operation management has a broad impact on the customers, supplier, society and employees. A good operation management objective will ensure that all the stakeholders are satisfied through the strategy the employee in the production process (S & Stuart, 1995).

  • Customers: the production process directly impacts the company`s customers through their consumption to the products (S & Stuart, 1995). All the operation performance objective impact the customers
  • Employees: employees will highly benefit if the operations are well managed. Growth in the company also makes the employees more comfortable.
  • Shareholder: A business prosperous if best operation methodologies are employed during the production process and the shareholders are the major beneficiaries of improved results.
  • Suppliers: suppliers are responsible of provide raw material. They impact the operation directly and the operations also impact them.
  • Society: even if the society is not directly impacted, objectives of operation also ensure that they are considered.

The above five groups are very important in making decision in regards to objectives of operation.
2.2  Quality

BAT places quality at the top of its production because their customers go for the best quality even if it means spending more (S & Stuart, 1995). The external effect of high standards of quality within operation is that the company`s clients who buy services and Bakery products will not complain because they will be satisfied. Happy costumers are more likely to be loyal to the company`s products (Wild, 2003). Quality enhances expanded market hence generation of more

revenue for the company. For the company, when the products are of high quality, it means mistakes have been eliminated in the production process.
2.3  Speed

It is vital for an organization to manage time during the production process. Customer request should be given priority by ensuring the production planning is timely to shorten the time between request of a production and the customer getting (S & Stuart, 1995). BAT Company deals with many stores and shops which are always running out of stock. It is necessary for the company to put in place strict schedules that ensure that retail shops and customers get the Bakery products in time of request. Some clients need door step delivery and it is necessary to come up with a good plan to ensure timely delivery (Wild, 2003).
2.4  Dependability

Dependability in the company is production is essential for the company to remain in the market. Operation should ensure the processes employed in the operations and production processes are dependable the company clients will not be frustrated at the end of the day (Anil & Suresh 2006). The dependability objective ensure services and products are received in time hence avoiding irritation of customers by having to waiting for a product.
2. 4 Flexibility

This is the ability to change operations from time to time to meet specific goals and objectives for the company. There exists many types of flexibility with the company`s operation; volume flexibility, mix flexibility, product flexibility, and delivery flexibility. Flexibility allow the company to fit into a client`s profile in terms of products and services (S & Stuart, 1995). Mix flexibility ensures that BAT produces a wide variety of products for different kinds of consumers. Product flexibility allows the company to develop new product that incorporate new
designs that clients find attractive (Anil & Suresh 2006). Delivery and volume flexibility enables the company to adjust output levels in the production to the levels required by the client. Delivery flexibility helps the company deals with the challenge of delivering pits products to different location in the United Kingdom.
2.5 Cost effective

The company ensures the during the production process the most cost effective ingredients are obtained but of high quality. The company also ensures the production processes employed are cost effective. Effective management of the four objectives of operations will reduce the overall cost of production (S & Stuart, 1995).
3.1  processes in the BAT organization

3.2 Purchasing

This includes the processing of procuring Tobacco leaves or raw material from the farmer. Tobacco farmers are located worldwide and the BAT Company gives incentives to the farmers
3.3  Production process

The production process cigarettes starts with the processing of the tobacco leaf. This involves the process of treating the leave obtained from the farmers (BAT, 1989). Modern commercially produced cigarettes are seemingly simple items comprising of paper, tobacco blend PVA glue form bonding the external layer of paper together.