Figure 3: Composition of cigarettes

Source: BAT, 1989

The paper which hold the tobacco material may vary in porosity to allow for ventilation during the burning of Tobacco (BAT, 1989). The paper used for forming the mouthpiece and sorrounding the cigarettes filter makes the mouthpiece stable from saliva and enhances moderate burining. The process of blending give the cigarettes a given taste or flavor. Some addicitives are bonded into the cigarettes shred to produce a suitable mixture which include glycerol, glycol and propyrene. Other addictives made to improve the flavour of the cigarette include cocoa solids, tobacco extracts, licorine and some sugars. Cigarrete butttypically consinst of the 30% length of the cigarette. It comprises of ash, tobacco remains and tissue tube
which grips a filter (BAT, 1989). A filter made from a biodegradable called celluose acetate is then fixed. After this three process the cigarretes are then packed in packs for distribution.

A finished cigarettes has the following parts; Figure 4: Main section of a finished cigarette
Source:  BAT, 1989

Figure 5: Cigarettes packaging

Source:  BAT, 1989

3.4  quality control and assurance process

This is the process by which British American Tobacco reviews the quality of  its products by assessing and analysis all factors involved in the production process (BAT, 1989). Quality control involves the job management process of the entire workforce in the entire company. The company undertakes periodical reviews on its workers to check their performance
in  terms  of  achieving  the  company`s  goals  and  objectives.  BAT  checks  the  qualification, knowledge and competence of its potential candidates before recruiting them.

Quality control and assurance teams undertake product inspection during the production process to ensure all the procedures employed conform to the set standards. BAT inspectors provide a list of description of for defect cigarettes such as sub standards, surface blemishes cracks on the cigarettes (BAT, 1989). This ensures the cigarettes sold to the entire world are of high standards.
3.5  inventory management

This is the process of overseeing efficiently the constant flow of units in and out of the existing corporate inventory. The BAT inventory management team controls the transfer of the company`s units to prevent them from becoming too low or too high; levels that can jeopardize the operations of the corporate (NSBD Infotech, 2013). The teams also oversees the costs associated with the company`s inventory. The effective use of a well-established company inventory system solves the problems associated with inventory management (NSBD Infotech, 2013). The system allows the company manage stock quantities, set low-level alerts, transfer between locations, generation and sending of a purchase order.

Figure 6: Inventory management system

Source: NSBD Infotech, 2013
3.6  distribution

These are the processes employed by the company to get it products to the consumers and customers. Distribution of company products takes place by the utilization of channels. The company achieves distribution through the following channels;

  • Wholesale
  • Retailers
  • Direct