Controlling: controlling ensure that processes and activities undertaken during production are in line with the set standards and anticipated performance results (Slideshare Inc, 2013). The operation management teams ensure plans are followed and accomplished by measuring the actual products in relation to the planned results (Pycraft 2000, p.42). They control quality of goods and services; cost incurred and ensures schedules are strictly followed. They control the

engagement of resources and material in the production process and undertake the process of resource planning.

Behavior: the control the human attitude and aspect on the job of production. Operation managers are usually concerned with efforts, organize, plan and control affect man power behavior (Slideshare Inc, 2013). They want to know how comportment of the staff can affect company`s organizing, planning, and controlling activities. Human behavior is affected by motivation, inter-intra personal relationship, leadership, attitude and communication.

Developing operation strategy: there are many critical and numerous decision-making involved in with the operations in an organization therefore it is necessary for the operation management team to come up with a strategy that governs the production process (Tool Kit, 2007).

Improving performance of production: operation managers monitor the production process and recommendation the best practices that should be employed to improve the production process (Tool Kit, 2007).

Designing operation`s processes, services and products: this involves the determination of shape, physical form and the composition of services, products and services (Tool Kit, 2007).
4.3  Operation management strategies

The company manufactures bakery products for the purpose of profit hence good operation strategy will ensure high standard products and delivered on time. Operation strategy ensures that the company meets its objectives (Kumar & Suresh 2009). When effective operation strategy is in place, a company can assess and implement efficient and effective systems for utilizing personnel resources and work processes.
4.3.1  Corporate strategy

This involves visualizing a company as interconnected division with on general agenda. Each division in the organization depends on the other for effective outputs from the company. Information, human resource, production, procurement, suppliers and marking department should work together towards achieving the set company goal (Chron, 2012).
4.3.2  Customer driven strategy

Company strategy should include client-driven tactics to meet the desires and needs of the target market or audience (Chron, 2012). BAT has developed strategies that enable adaptability to changing environment. The company undertakes survey from time to time to ensure customers are satisfied by the company`s product.
4.3.3  Developing core competencies

These are the resources and strengths within the company. The company has talented and skilled staff that ensures exceptional products. The company has focused on setting up their stores in suitable location through UK. Core competencies ensure high standard of company products which enhance customer satisfaction (Kumar & Suresh 2009).
4.3.4  Competitive priorities

Through market analysis, good company strategy, conduction of customer needs analysis and defining core process, the company has been able to be the largest producer of Bakery products in the United Kingdom (Chron, 2012). The company evaluates product quality, operational cost, volume, flexibility of its products and services and time taken to develop and deliver bakery product and customization to creative effective competitive priorities for the company. Competitive priorities ensure products are of high quality.
4.3.5  Goods and services development

The company has been the leader in exceptional bakery product in the UK (Chron, 2012).

This is through engaging in innovation, better designs that add value to previous products.
5.0 Conclusion

Operation management is a vital role for the success of an organization. This is because all the organization have to excel in terms of; quality production, mass communication, customer-centered provision and agile manufacturing. The success depends on the ability of a company to actually undertake operations effectively by employing the best methodologies in the operations management. A company running Tobacco production should ensure effective management of different operation which include; human resource management, managing technology, capacity management, process management, location decisions, integration and affiliation, and value management. Factor like price control and quality control govern the satisfaction of the company`s client and therefore the company should prioritize on this. Operation managers require knowledge about the overall company capacity in terms of output and inputting so that to effective mange the resource required in the production process. Organization will always face challenges in deciding the business location. To overcome this, thorough research should be undertake on the market trends and the company`s customers. Effective management of operations ensures customer`s requirement are met with reduced while maintaining high company products. The end result of operation management is growth in the company.