Quality Gurus

Deming’ Approach

W. E.Deming was referred as Father of Quality control, Deming emphasis on quality being a relative term that will change in meaning depending on the customers need (Suarez, 1992). After Second World War, he assisted Japanese companies; they regarded him so highly that they established the Deming Prize to be granted to companies that demonstrate outstanding quality. Deming takes a systems & leadership approach to quality (Suarez, 1992).

Deming’s Seven Point Model:

  • System of Profound knowledge

Fig. 2 System of Profound Knowledge


  • The “Plan-Do-Act-Check” Cycle

Fig. 3. The PDCA Cycle


  • Prevention by Process Improvement

Fig.4 the Detection versus prevention Approach (NPRDC, 1888)


  • Chain Reaction to Quality Improvement

Fig. 5 Deming’s chain reaction (Deming, 1986)


  • “14 Points”
  • Deadly & Dreadful Diseases
  • Common cause & Special cause variation:

Fig. 6 Deming’s “deadly” & “dreadful” disease (Deming, 1986)