Guidance on fair use

Summary of key terms

  • Customers purchasing services from must use this for academic purposes, the company offers guides and samples writing under custom essays is aimed at helping them to produce their own piece of work.
  • Customers must not hand in guides and samples writing from custom essays services that they purchase from as if it were their own work.
  • DRSResearch does not supply copyright for any written-work that is under any services category that it commissions for its customers

What is the purpose of a custom essay?

Students invest great amount of time researching and reading enormous sum of research materials, which they are not sure if the contents are significant to their studies. Furthermore the approach in which the selected research materials are written is not always similar as the approach they are required to discuss in their studies. As the same time, mentors provide important instruction on the process of the essay writing; only few mentors offer the matter one-by-one by giving students with model answers customized to present the students how the essay should be discussed.

In reality the one of the most effective of learning is through example. Basically, knowledge is obtained in this manner starting the day we are born. Therefore, a customized guide on how to answer assignments is the best research instruments a student could get. The customized guide answers provide the student a model of how the topic can be discussed. It may not be the only manner the question could be expounded, and definitely, the student may create the whole-diverse perspective to that of the expert-but the guide answer will offer the student with a model on how to perform their own study and to write their own research paper.

How should I use my custom essay?

As a student, you should make use of the custom essay in the same manner you would utilize a journal or a book that you got similar to your topic.  We know that you would want to just get everything straight from the journal and the book, at the same time; you should not make use of the researcher’s custom essay in verbatim. As the best alternative, you should critically analyse the data and the discussions the researcher has written and create your own essay. You can also search the materials that the researcher has used, and use their references as your own findings.

In summary…

  • Study the essay so that you will have the grasp of the manner the question has been answered.
  • Always expand your own thoughts and discussions.
  • Search all the materials that the researcher used in the essay and at the same time use these materials to access more references.
  • Utilize the essay that our researcher has written as a model to create your own essay.
  • Guarantee that your final essay is 100% unique and created employing your own innovative ideas.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a very dynamic and non-figurative term. Below are some definitions of plagiarism. You could click on the links below for some contextual use of the definitions:

  • Using other people’s works as your own.
  • Re-phrasing a source but maintaining the original thoughts it has, without acknowledging the author.
  • Not using quotation marks when quoting from other works.
  • Copying and pasting big chunks of other people’s thoughts, even if they are given proper acknowledgment and have used quotation marks.
  • Providing inaccurate data about the author of the quotation, for an instance, acknowledging the author that the real source has found and employed that you have not seen or searched the copy.
  • Modifying the words but duplicating the format and the structure of the source without acknowledging the author.

These are only illustrations of plagiarism and are not comprehensive.

Since the definition of the term plagiarism is very wide, every university has their own parameters in defining the term, but the good news is, we ensure that these universities have the same definition with what we listed above.

Universities do not recommend their students to use our service;

we GUARANTEE that using our service is not an act of plagiarism if it is employed according to the fair use policy we follow.

What will happen if I just hand in the work of your researcher then I get caught in the university?

Our service always guarantee that our work is 100% original, non-plagiarised, customized to your needs and instructions, so if it were passed into a university then the university would not have any way to know utilizing a plagiarism scanner that you had seek our services, because the work we deliver is ensured that will never be posted online. On the other hand, in handing in the work coming from us to your mentor, might lead to the possibility of noticing the different writing style or that you have accessed the references that you would not really have access to.  Moreover, the mentor may demand you to discuss the work to them, which may be hard for you because you didn’t do the research at all.

Submitting our researcher’s work without modifying it is an act of plagiarism because you are using other people’s words as your own words. Even if spinning it around a little bit, paraphrasing some parts of it, based on the definitions we listed above. The service that we provide in custom research will let you enjoy the privilege if you use it based on our fair use policy. You will achieve the highest grade the you are aiming for, at the same time, develop your essay writing skills and feel the real satisfaction of doing a great job, on your own advantage.