It is essential for you to keep in regular contact with your supervisor, who will guide your work throughout the development of your dissertation. The supervisory relationship provides a unique opportunity for a detailed exchange of ideas and plans, for the confirmation of good practice, for advice and instruction particularly over empirical investigation, and for personal support and evaluative feedback. In short, the quality of the student supervisor relationship is extremely important.

Here are some key points you should consider.


  • Arrange to meet your supervisor face to face at least three times. Two of the meetings should be in the early stages of your work, with one towards the end when the final touches are being added. These are the absolute minimum requirements and more meetings are encouraged. You are advised to agree with your supervisor what is best for you. Please note that your supervisor is under no obligation to chase you;
  • Consider alternate methods of communication with your supervisor, if arranging face-to-face meetings proves difficult. Students are advised that the use of email, telephone, web, lP telephony or postal communications is strongly recommended if arranging mutually convenient meeting times proves difficult. Secure ‘chat’ facilities are available within Oasis. Indeed, using email for instance can speed up the reviewing process. Please discuss with your supervisor the most convenient, effective and appropriate method, or methods, of communication. (if you email, you must ensure that your email inbox is not too full!};
  • Plan ahead. Supervisors usually have a very heavy workload and therefore you are advised to make advance appointments and not just show up and expect to be seen. Make appointments for specific dates and times with agreed agendas, which can also act as deadlines and milestones to motivate you to complete particular stages of your work;
  • Give your supervisor sufficient time to read your material in order for you to receive good feedback; and
  • Keep written notes of the comments of your discussions with your supervisor. It is your responsibility to remember what is discussed and to remind your supervisor if necessary .
  • Ensure that the Project Module Supervisor Contact Sheet is duly completed and included in the Appendix of your dissertation. lt is important that you comply with this directive. In addition, after meeting with your supervisor, it is required for students to email a brief summary of their discussion, specifically, reiterating the tasks and stated objectives.


  • Expect your supervisor to be a proof reader. He/she is there to give you guidance, not to do the work for you; and
  • Miss appointments unless it is absolutely unavoidable. If you are likely to miss an appointment ensure that you inform your supervisor as soon as possible.