Placing an order is very easy

Our ordering process is really easy. Simply fill in your details on our quote or order forms and we will get back to you. Our forms will also guide you through telling us the details of your work.

If you are not sure about how we can help or need assistance to identify clear procedures of your work, you can always fill in the contact us form and we will get back to you to discuss your needs.

What’s next?

When we receive your enquiry or order form, we will allocate your work to the research, writing or data collection team. For research and data collection work, we will usually contact you to discuss details and our expert will exchange ideas with you for a quote. For custom essays writing, we will review your order form to allocate the most suitable expert to start writing straight a way.

Academic Research

If you ordered academic research by filling in the academic research order form, we will get back to you with an estimated quote. As long as you have all data ready for the research, we can help you to produce professional research analysis.

Data collection arrangements

If you ordered research work from us, such as data collection, we will inform you in advance what we plan to do and estimate if any additional costs will be involved.

Data collection service normally involves much dedicated work over a long period. When you are hiring one of our experts to work on your behalf, it is important that you understand that the costs involved in hiring a person is higher than any other service. We strongly suggest that you discuss funding options with your supervisor before approaching us.

Custom Essay Writing

When you ordered an essay from us, we will allocate the most suitable expert to start your writing. When the work is complete, we will also check the paper for plagiarism and deliver it to you on or before your deadline.

After we have sent you the essay, you will have seven days to submit any amendments request you may have. This is seven days worth of changes which we’ll make for free!