Prices for DRS Research Services

We offer a very flexible pricing structure for research services, so the first step is to let us know your requirements. We will try our best to minimise your costs by thoroughly going though all the details to find the cheapest quote.

Guidance price for essay sample writing

If you only order essay sample writing, the price is easier to estimate. Because different subjects have different requirements, the price calculator cannot automatically consider all factors. However, the price calculator can give you an estimated cost for your paper. Please use the form below to calculate your estimated price:

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We understand your time is important, thus we aim to minimise your effort. By filling in our order form, you will go through all the details about your work so that we can consider all possible ways of minimising your expenses. A quote is always the best way to find a reasonable price.

For research or data collection service, please click below to get a quote:

Research Service

  • Primary research
  • Data analysis
  • Review of literature
  • Financial analysis

Data Collection

  • Questionnaire
  • Interview
  • Focus group
  • Observation