High Education Dissertation Writing

As an academic research based company, DRS Research specialises in dissertation consulting in all subjects. A dissertation is a matter of research experience rather than anything to be learnt from your classes.

We can assist you with support for all aspects of your dissertation writing, from defining research aims and objectives to sample data collection, analysis and conclusion. All you need to do is to let us know your degree and your course and we will do the rest. At DRS Research, we understand the importance of dissertation writing, and we are particularly concerned how a poor dissertation can adversely affect your final degree.

DRS Research has a large group of research experts in different areas of study. Our experts go through rigorous training and always keep themselves abreast with the latest theories and state of knowledge in order to assist you with the most up to date knowledge for your research based dissertation.

Why you should use dissertation consulting service?

By using our dissertation consulting service, you will:

  • Minimise risk of failure from a poor dissertation
  • Define a research rationale for yourself since you do not write a dissertation solely because you must submit a dissertation
  • Learn from a good example with reliable data
  • Ensure you can meet the deadline and have no more worries about low grades

Dissertation writing is always hard to start especially for students that have limited research experience. Our dissertation consulting service can help you with common concerns for a good quality dissertation. You learn from our reliable sample.

How to use dissertation consulting service?

By ordering our dissertation consulting service, you will receive excellent aid for your dissertation. Buy from our useful dissertation service, and use the work you receive as an aid to your learning:

  • Read through journals and references cited
  • Learn how to identify good research from it background and rationale
  • Learn how to define a research topic with aims and objectives
  • Learn what primary research is and how to conduct primary research
  • Review sample data and understand data coding
  • Learn how to summarise and to present findings which reflect your aims and objectives and answer your research problem

You will receive…

Our researchers will take care of the research based work from your degree background. A typical dissertation consulting service includes:

  • Title – a title for your dissertation which may change as your work progresses.
  • Introduction – this includes the background to the research topic, the rationale of the research and research problems. This part also includes research questions, aims and objectives, and a description of the structure of the dissertation.
  • Literature review – this includes a review of recent literature, a definition of the literature gap, and an identification of the main arguments, critics, theories and practices in your research area
  • Methodology – this part includes methods of research and the methodologies employed for qualitative and/or quantitative primary research.
  • Findings, analysis and discussion – this part includes all the research findings from your primary research (sometimes secondary research)
  • Conclusions and recommendations – this part summarises each chapter, presents recommendations and discusses further research area.
  • References – last but not least, a detailed references list for all citations from your dissertation.
  • Appendices – any additional information for the dissertation.