Essay Marking and Proofreading

So you have an essay or dissertation and you are expecting a 2:1 or 1st class grade? There are two additional tasks you should do: get your work proofread and ask for a marking assessment before submission.

We have a wide range of exports who specialise in different subjects. We can give you an assessed mark for your paper so that you know what your potential problems are and which things needs additional improvement before your final lecturer marks it. If you are satisfied with what you’ve got, we can further improve your English, check grammar mistakes, spelling and punctuation, and carry out a comprehensive plagiarism check so that your work is 100% to the standard you want to achieve.

Why you should use marking and proofreading service?

By using our marking and proofreading service, you will:

  • Eliminate potential grammar errors, spelling mistakes or punctuation errors
  • Have your essay marked before your lecturer marks it
  • Ensure your work is 100% secure to the level you want to achieve
  • Eliminate all potential plagiarism similarities

A 1st class essay requires not only solid understanding of your course theories, it also requires a critical approach, transferable skills and problem solving skills. It is hard for a student to tell what grade the essay will get, but we can tell how good your work is.

For marking service, you will receive…

Our experts will take care of your work. If you order the marking service, we will:

  • Mark your paper against the standard you specify
  • Give you feedback on your work, letting you know how it can be improved
  • Give you an estimated grade, and comments on why this grade was awarded
  • Review your content style, referencing and citations and give you suggestions for any further materials that should be included
  • Carry out a comprehensive plagiarism check

For proofreading service, you will receive…

Our experts will take care of your work. If you order our proofreading service, we will:

  • Correct all grammar mistakes and eliminate all spelling and punctuation errors
  • Ensure that your work passes any plagiarism tests