Statistical Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis testing is to test a hypothesis (a supposition). In simple words, we state something which we suppose to be the case and then collect evidence that bears upon it.

For almost all dissertations where primary research involved, testing a hypothesis is a very common way to answer the research question. DRS Research has experienced statisticians to help you with all sorts of hypothesis testing. Our experts use the latest statistical instruments to address your suppositions.

With DRS Research, we aim to help you create hypotheses based on research questions, aims and objectives given by you, and help you to find evidence to accept or reject the hypotheses.

We will help you with

By letting us know your dissertation proposal or simply the research questions, aims and objectives, you will obtain our help to:

  • Develop logical sequences to propose a hypothesis
  • Carefully review recent literature to ensure your hypothesis is up to date
  • Perform necessary statistical tests to decide whether to accept or reject your hypothesis
  • Perform reliability and validity tests

Research instruments

Our statistical experts are ready to help you with the latest technologies. We have a wide range of software package you can choose from:

You will receive

Our hypothesis testing service offers you:

  • A full evaluation of your research questions, aims and objectives
  • Details of hypothesis testing
  • Written report of findings
  • Results from reliability and validity tests