Qualitative Data Analysis

Qualitative data refers to all non-numerical data or data that cannot be quantified. The analysis of such data involves conceptualisation of non-standardised data. The methods involved include, for example, categorisation, allocation of units and recognition.

DRS Research has experienced researcher experts to assist you with all qualitative data analysis. With DRS Research, we aim to help you to categorise and conceptualise your qualitative data by using computer aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS).

We will help you with

All you need is to give us your research question, aims and objectives. We will then develop all necessary methodologies to collect your qualitative data:

  • Identify the main issues that you need to prepare qualitative data analysis.
  • Transcribe audio interviews or interview notes and create data file for analysis by computer
  • Employ appropriate analytical approaches to analyse qualitative data
  • Categorise, summarise and conceptualise findings

Approaches to qualitative analysis

Our research experts approach data analysis from either a deductive or an inductive perspective.

  • Deductive approach – such as pattern matching, explanation building.
  • Inductive approach – such as data display and analysis, template analysis, analytic induction, grounded theory, narrative analysis and discourse analysis

Research instruments

We use a wide range of qualitative analysis software, such as:

You will receive

Our qualitative data analysis service offers you:

  • Quantified, categorised data
  • Transcript (if applicable)
  • Key summaries, relations, findings and concepts
  • Computer generated reports and findings