Quantitative Data Analysis

Quantitative data are numerical data or contain data that could be quantified to address your research aims and objectives. Analysis of numerical data from descriptive statistics, hypothesis tests or more complex modelling are the services of our quantitative data analysis

DRS Research has experienced researcher experts to assist you with all quantitative data analysis. With DRS Research, we aimed to help you with numerical based quantitative analysis, present tables, charts and establish statistical relationships between variables.

We will help you with

Simply let us know your aims and objectives and have your data ready for our experts, we can help you with:

  • Prepare, input and check data reliability
  • Coding data (quantifiable, categorical, missing)
  • Entering data into computer system
  • Explore and present data
  • Describe data using statistics
  • Examine relationships, differences and trends

Our experts require collected raw data for all analysis. If you haven’t start data collection, we have a dedicated team to help you with that, to find out more, please click here for Data collection Service.

Approaches to quantitative data analysis

Our research experts approach data analysis from various quantitative perspective:

  • Capability analysis – binomial, poisson capabilities; capability, binomial, poisson comparisons
  • Graphical analysis – histogram, boxplot, individual value plot, Pareto chart, bar/pie chart, time series plot, scatter-plot, multi-vari chart
  • Hypothesis tests – 1,2 sample t-test, 1,2 sample standard divination, 1,2 sample % defective, chi-square (goodness-of-fit), chi-square (test for association), ANOVA
  • Regression analysis
  • Linear modelling

Research instruments

Our statistical experts are ready to help you with the latest technologies. We have a wide range of software package you can choose from:

You will receive

Our quantitative data analysis service offers you:

  • Raw data in computer format (such as SPSS, Excel)
  • Computer generated reports (charts, tables, results)
  • Key summaries, relations, findings
  • Test results, suggestions