Research Topic Formation

It is always hard to start when student meets dissertation. If you do not choose your topic carefully, you are at risk of presenting a muddled and poorly structured dissertation which will lead to failure to pass your examination. Sadly, many students simply create a topic from their personal interests which is always not a researchable idea.

DRS Research can help you to form an insightful research topic by analysing current literature gaps, conceptualising important theories and industrial practices. We make sure your topic is researchable, up to date and will make your dissertation a successful one.

We will help you with

DRS Research experts will help you to:

  • Identify current literature gaps in your study subject
  • Identify important concepts, theories and their applications
  • Identify past studies in a similar context
  • Create your research topic
  • Create your dissertation title

Of course, we will not simply send you a document with lots of titles. We will send you a 500 word summary of research rationale with each topic/title of your research.

You will receive

To make sure your research topic is suitable for your study subject, you will receive:

  • Title of your dissertation
  • Summary of research rationale
  • Keywords