Comprehensive Literature Review

The review of literature is aimed at identifying the critical points of current knowledge on a given topic (such as substantive findings, theoretical concepts and methodological contributions).

It is usually required for identifying a research problem, topic for dissertation or thesis.

With DRS Research, we aim to assist you by going through a wide range of recent journal articles and conference papers on a topic given by you.

We will help you to

  • Download the most recent journal papers on a topic given by you
  • Carefully review all journals
  • Identify popular research aims and objectives
  • Compare and contrast research methodologies
  • Categorise key findings
  • Analyse research limitations
  • Categorise and tabulate review results

You will receive

Our comprehensive literature review service offers you:

  • All journals used in PDF or word format
  • Summary of key findings
  • Tabulated written report on review results
  • Suggestions for research problems and research topics for further studies