Stock and Equity Analysis

The stock or equity market is a public entity that trades company stocks (shares) and derivatives. Similar to financial modelling, we have a dedicated team that specialises in stock market or equity market analysis.

DRS Research can help you to analyse stock data, company account history, equities and portfolios.

We will help you with

Financial experts at DRS Research will help you to:

  • Prepare, download and check data reliability
  • Code data (quantifiable, categorical, missing)
  • Organise data in a computer system (excel, SPSS, STATA etc.)
  • Explore and present data
  • Describe data using financial models
  • Examine relationships, differences and trends

Our experts require collected raw data for all analysis. We can help you to download existing financial data from mainstream websites such as Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg.

Popular modelling

Our financial experts are ready to help you with all kinds of stock and equity analysis, especially:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Capital asset pricing model
  • Stock markets and equities analysis
  • Gordon growth model
  • Efficient market hypothesis
  • Dornbusch model

Research instruments

Our statistical experts are ready to help you with the latest technologies. We have a wide range of software package you can choose from:

You will receive

Our stock and market analysis service offers you:

  • Raw data in computer format (such as SPSS, Excel)
  • Computer generated reports (charts, tables, results)
  • Key summaries, relations and findings
  • Test results and suggestions