Data Collection Service

When it comes to your final dissertation, primary research such as questionnaire surveys or interview, is always involved. However, this can be a huge job for most students. As a company, DRS Research specialises in primary data collection.

What is data collection service?

Put simply, the purpose of the data collection service is to collect primary data on your behalf. The data can be either numerical, such as data from quantitative survey, or text, voice, transcripts, such as data from qualitative interview, focus group. Our data collection service:

  • Designs high quality questionnaire and collect returns
  • Arranges interviews, attends interviews and records the whole process
  • Arranges group discussions, takes notes and summarises the key findings
  • Attends lab and work fields and takes details as above
  • Read journals, summarises and groups the key findings

Data collection service does everything for dissertation data collection, a crucial part of all final year dissertations.

What is our data collection service?

DRS Research provides all data collection for any type of dissertation needs:

Don’t be afraid to ask if you need something special, such as lab work or model design. Our experts fully understand your needs and are ready to help you!

How does our data collection service work?

Using our data collection service is simple. Here are the general steps:

  • Fill out our data collection quote form
  • Our senior researcher will analyse what you need
  • We will reply to you with a quote
  • If you accept the quote, the researcher will start the service
  • We send you the completed work

What do you get?

We’ll conduct primary and/or secondary research based on your specifications and will send all data to you:

  • Fully researched
  • All hard copies scanned to PDF
  • Qualified researchers
  • Original, bias minimised findings
  • Raw data fully verifiable