Field Work Guidance

Field work is a general term for collecting raw data particularly from experiments from natural and social sciences studies. We aim to help you with your laboratory or experimental research.

It is hard for a student to conduct field work, because of limited research skills and lack of experience in collecting raw data. Our field work service addresses that.

Why you should use field work service?

By using our field work service, you will:

  • Save a huge amount of time in studying the background, understanding theories and reviewing literature
  • Receive reliable raw data collected from top level researchers in qualified laboratories
  • Receive a trackable record for all experiments

What we will do…

Our researchers will take care of your experiment. If you order our field work service, we will:

  • Thoroughly understand your aims and objectives for the work
  • Identify the best possible laboratory with all the facilities necessary for your experiment
  • Work on your behalf to conduct experiments, record raw data and fill out any forms or records
  • Keep you on track, closely working with you

You will receive…

Field work is a long period dedicated work that can take anything from a month to a few years. You will receive…

  • Full records and raw data from the field work
  • Close discussions with our researcher
  • Key summaries, findings and results from field work
  • Any other information related to the field work findings
Please NOTE: Field work requires a long working period on a contract basis and usually requires large amount of funding paid in settlement. Please make sure that you speak to your supervisor about funding before approaching us.