Organising Interviews

Put simply an interview is a purposeful discussion between two or more people. Interviews can be either structured or semi-structured and can be one-to-one or one-to-many.

DRS Research specialises in organising interviews, identifying interviewee perceptions and using qualitative research method to summarise the findings for you.

Why you should use interview service?

By using our interview service, you will:

  • Save a huge amount of time from organising interviews and finding the right persons
  • Receive the results of an interview conducted in an organised professional environment, usually a hotel meeting room or interviewee’s office
  • Records of the whole process

What we will do…

Our researchers will take care of your interview. If you order the interview service, we will:

  • Find the right interviewees
  • Organise the interviewees and arrange the location for the interview
  • Work on your behalf to conduct qualitative research, record raw data and fill out any forms or paperwork you required us to do
  • Keep you on track with all discussion audio records

You will receive…

Interviews can be organised on a single day or on multiple days. You will receive…

  • Full records, raw data, audio mp3 from discussion
  • Full booking of the interview venue for you, and the right people for a group interview
  • Help in identifying findings
  • Any other information related to the interview