Questionnaires Design and Collection

Questionnaires invented by Sir Francis Galtonare is the most widely used research tools for academic research. Many students enjoy the survey process and obtaining the results that address research questions.

DRS Research specialises in conducting online questionnaires, identifying participant perceptions and using quantitative research methods to summarise findings for you.

Why you should use questionnaire design & collection service?

By using our questionnaire design and collection service, you will:

  • Save a huge amount of time from drafting questionnaires, distributing them and collecting their results
  • Benefit from our questionnaires, most of which are conducted online, being delivered to your targeted samples
  • Receive the records of the whole process

What we will do…

If you order questionnaire design & collection service, our researchers will take care of your questionnaire design and collection of results. We will:

  • Find the right target
  • Prepare questionnaire form online via our website
  • Deliver the questionnaire to your targeted participant group or random participants, depending on your research needs, via the internet
  • Keep you on track with all raw data recorded

You will receive…

Questionnaires are designed by us on our website and, we will organise all samples for you. You will receive…

  • Full records, raw data, and questionnaire form
  • The right participant to fill out your questionnaire online
  • Help you in identifying findings
  • Any other information related to questionnaire design & collection