Secondary Qualitative Data Collection and Analysis

Qualitative data refers to all non-numerical data or data that cannot be quantified. The collection process of such data involves conceptualisation of non-standardised data. Methods involved are for example, categorisation, allocation of units and recognition.

DRS Research has experienced researcher experts to assist you with all secondary qualitative data collection. At DRS Research we aim to help you to collect all secondary data, categorise and conceptualise your qualitative data by using computer aided qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS).

Why you should use secondary qualitative data collection?

By using our secondary qualitative data collection service, you will:

  • Save a huge amount of time from searching, reading and organising secondary qualitative data
  • Identify key findings from qualitative non-numerical data
  • Be supplied by our researcher with all the original sources of all secondary qualitative data

What we will do…

Our researchers will take care of your secondary qualitative data collection. If you order the secondary qualitative data collection service, we will:

  • Identify the main issues that you need for the preparation of qualitative data analysis.
  • Read various books, literature and journal papers to search for findings
  • Arrange all qualitative data in word or PDF format

You will receive…

Our secondary qualitative data collection offers you many advantages. You will receive…

  • Full records and raw data, from various sources, such as journals and books
  • Help with identifying findings
  • Any other information related to the secondary qualitative data collection