Accounting management courses are normally designed for postgraduate students and also for qualified accountants who have already had experience in their profession. They provide an opportunity to develop their skills, especially in more advanced accounting procedures which will provide a platform to take on more challenging positions in the accounting and financial management sector.

Main Theories

Theories in accounting management courses provide students who already have a business or accounting background with the skills to prepare them for more rewarding careers in business, especially those that have a strong financial or accounting emphasis.

The courses normally expect students to develop their ability to think analytically and critically as well as expand their intellectual ability through studying the body of knowledge relating to financial management in a managerial context. In addition to the fundamentals of accounting and finance, financial reporting and an examination of financial markets are included in these courses. Courses are so designed to provide students with the skills to allow them to tackle financial problem solving situations more creatively.

Qualified students tend to seek senior roles within the accounting and banking system as well as go on to take up faculty positions within colleges and universities.

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