Modern society is surrounded by advertising, whether it is through newspapers and magazines, the Internet, radio and television, public transport, leaflets and posters in the street and flyers in the mail box. It is a type of communication for marketing products and sometimes ideas such as a political campaign and it is a way of encouraging, persuading, or manipulating an audience (viewers, readers or listeners; sometimes a specific group) to continue or take some new action.

Main Theories

Any advertising course will focus on the theories of planning, management and development of advertising by teaching about promotion, marketing, sales, digital media, direct media and PR. This also includes discussing and evaluating communication through media and marketing techniques.

Most advertising courses will introduce students to the main aspects of advertising. This might also include a focus on the history of advertising and changes and trends in the contemporary industry. As advertising involves being able to manipulate public opinion and persuade consumers about the qualities of a product, advertising courses also focus on human behaviour and psychology.

Much advertising these days takes place online and students will be introduced to the way the internet is managed and how businesses and organizations are able to enhance their online visibility through search engine optimization and website management.

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