Archaeology is the study of human prehistory and history from the emergence of the first hominids (human like creatures) in Africa, around 3 to 4 million years ago, up until more recently. Archaeology is of great importance, as for 99 percent of human history there were no writing tools to record with, so an insight into those early days of humankind can only be found in what they left behind that has still been preserved.

Main Theories

Archaeology involves learning the theory and practice of surveying, excavating and analysing data relating to human remains and their artefacts so that new things can be discovered about the past. In the early part of any course students will focus on the history and background of archaeology and how it has contributed to today’s world. Hands on experience is all part of the course so practical work including involvement in excavations is all part of most university course programmes.

Archaeology does not mean just sifting through rock and soils, so the course progresses students have a chance to choose an area of specialisation ranging from prehistoric landscapes to the archaeology of colonial Africa and the development of Christianity.

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