Architecture is not just the design and structure of buildings but it is also based around problem solving as well. How people fit in and think about their built environment is almost as important as it gives the base for designing buildings that people like and want. In fact Architecture is such a complex subject that it involves many aspects such as cultural, theoretical, practical, political, environmental, economic and social.

Main Theories

Architecture courses embody a great degree of flexibility and encourage students to engage with the wider world and particularly contemporary issues that are confronting architecture. One example of these is the need to design buildings which are able to respond to the challenge of climate change. Another is the need to design more energy efficient buildings and sustainable living environments.

Critical thinking tends to be encouraged on most architecture courses and students are helped to develop their research skills. Good architecture courses are found in flourishing architecture departments where collaborative methods are used to link the institution and academic environment with professional architects who work in the building industry and local and regional government. These links are intended to give students a better exposure to the real world of architecture and prepares them for a range of careers in the profession.

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