Business is not simply going out in the market and selling a product without any business knowledge a successful business needs more than that. It needs to understand marketing tactics, economics, the law and business, management and accountancy. These are the core features of any understanding of business and are always studied in detail on any business studies course.

Main Theories

A Business Studies course in its early stages students develop the versatility to be able to manage a variety of business activities and know the effect certain business decisions may have globally and on those who have a direct relationship with the business.

Additionally, tasks include simulated business situations, effective communication, presentation skills, working as a team and time management skills.

Marketing is made up of crucial theory and practice in any business studies course and all students will gain knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing that will give them skills to develop a clear marketing approach in a variety of different situations and handle any problems that might occur.

Legal issues are often key stumbling blocks in any business environment and any business studies course offers the knowledge required to attack legal formalities as they arise.

Economic theories and principles of contemporary economic issues are important in the domestic and global markets and are an essential component of all business studies’ courses.

Within this, an analysis of the roles of the market mechanism and of the public sector in allocating resources by the use of appropriate economic concepts and principles. Learning to analyse economic data and major economic policy issues facing countries and the global economy are essential.

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