Communication, both informal and formal, is an important way to interact with others, both within our own countries and internationally. Any communications course includes interpersonal communication, as well as the skills and understanding that are used between and within companies (organisational communication), interacting with the public using public relations, information campaigns and advertising, the media through entertainment, news and current affairs. All these methods inform us and assist us to understand what goes on around us.

Main Theories

Communications courses include the understanding of the role of communications in international, national and local settings. Critical thinking skills are taught in relation to the various forms of communication.

The student most suited to a communications course should, without a doubt, have a strong interest in the media, people and the arts and not only learn how to work effectively with a team but also have the ability to work alone.

In the later part of most communications courses skills are developed in video, audio, imaging and presentation. These practical skills are one of the keys to success in a communications course and a prerequisite to find suitable employment after graduation.

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