Software is an important part of everyday life, so a keen interest in software technologies, how they work, how they are created and how they are used is an important part of any computer science course. At the end of a course, a student will know how to create and use software amongst many other computer skills.

Main Theories

Specialist topics covered include: Language processors and interpreters, algorithms and data structures, functioning programming in Haskell, theory of computation and applications of computing.

You will also gain a clear foundation in computing, which covers topics like software engineering, programming, computer architecture, databases and any mathematics that is required to model and understand computer systems. Business skills and communication are essential for a fruitful career in IT as well.

There are also core skills and knowledge that are required in the IT profession, which include human-computer interaction and networking.

More than any other area of human activity IT is constantly evolving in ways that society could never have dreamed of even a decade or so ago, so computer students will be expected to develop strong analytical and creative thinking skills which they will need to enter the world of computer technology post-university.

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