Development Studies main concern is social and economic change. The main focus is generally on those countries which have remained poor and have not gained from advances that have taken place in industrialised parts of the world. Development Studies is not an independent discipline, but uses other subjects such as Economics, Geography, Politics, Anthropology, Law and Sociology to help develop a more integrated approach for its curriculum and theories

Main Theories

Most Development Studies students learn how to integrate theories of critical awareness of international development with a thorough knowledge of a second subject in another discipline or subject area. Highlights of courses include vital issues concerning international development, like gender and development; conflict and violence; development and environment, the role of trade and aid in assisting development, forced migration and refugee problems. The history of development and how policy changes through time have had an effect on development.

There are opportunities for students to specialise in a variety of options, which could include Development and HIV/AIDS, Worldwide Development and Forced Migration, NGOs and Development and the Practice of Development.

Students who graduate from development studies courses go on to seek employment in a wide variety of organizations from government aid agencies through to economic planning and a range of NGOs and private not for profit charities that work closely with less developed countries.

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