Electronic Commerce (e-Commerce) is a mushrooming industry. At this stage there are not enough graduates with the knowledge and experience to take up positions in this growing academic field. Employees need to have the required computer skills coupled with knowledge on how business and commerce operate in the virtual environment. Most course programmes are addressing this gap in the market and are providing the knowledge on how to build e-Commerce applications as well as a study of business operations and business environments.

Main Theories

It is not so much that theories are important but of great importance on any computer based courses is the developing of the technology that is required for E-Commerce to act efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Computing modules include Java programming, Computer Systems, Databases, Software Engineering, E-Commerce and Internet Principles. From this gain in knowledge E-Commerce students you should be able to have an input into building efficient business who know how to market their products effectively through electronic means. It is quite safe today to say that a business who does not use E-Commerce will lose its market effectiveness and may be displaced from the market place.

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