The English language is not forgotten as an academic subject and many students have a great interest in delving deeply into the artistry of it and how people over time have used it to express their position and feelings in their world. There is so much that we would not know if our predecessors had not taken to pen and paper and written poetry, plays, novels, cartoons and short stories. Literary study takes a range of authors, literary movements, genres and historical periods on board to use their expression to get a window on the world past and present.

Main Theories

The theory and practice of criticism stands out as a core feature of any English Literature programme. Through this, such aspects as the Theory and Practice of Criticism, Victorian Literature, Shakespeare, Modernism, British Romanticism and Film are discussed and evaluated.

The English language has become an international language with its literature developing wherever English speakers have settled. English literature courses explore the diversity of talent that exists elsewhere.

Literature students may go on to use the skills they have acquired to develop themselves as poets, writers and critical thinkers. Many go on to seek jobs in media while others become authors in their own right.

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